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Not done in a while. Fairly busy week or so. Spending waaaay too much time on [ profile] _end_of_days, but hey, it's fun! Seems everyone wants a piece of Angel, is the thing.

Nonetheless, got the first draft of my past-Slayer folk ballad finished last week... or was it the weekend before? Something like that, and sent off to [ profile] mirabehn, who will be performing it (along with [ profile] evil_nick, for betaing.

This weekend, I was at the Eirene Centre in Northamptonshire with the Unite for Peace group. Small group of us, could call us an affinity group in some ways, part of the Fellowship of Reconiciliation. (Christian peace group). FoR was founded just after WW1, but its membership is heavily ageing. (Average age over 70 I think). U4P was started to bring together sort of the younger members. Which now goes up to 41. It is where I know [ profile] mirabehn, [ profile] evil_nick and [ profile] tea_at_bettys from. We meet together twice a year normally, but this was a planning meeting for a conference we're organising in Feb, aimed at youngish Christians interested in peace issues and peace making. (About which I will post separately). Hoping to start attracting a wider audience. Anyway, meeting went well, going to be a lot of work though.

I was monumentally pissed off about the fact that going to this meeting (combined with lectures on Friday afternoon) meant missing the European Social Forum in London. I had suggested moving the date, but seemed this wasn't going to work.

I was going to go to the anti-war march on Sunday at least, but had a change of plan. I'd been going to stay at the Eirene Centre Saturday night and go down to the march on Sunday, but as we finished relatively early in the evening, and people had gone off, I decided to go down to London (which was on my way back home), and see who was around. So on the way down I thought I'd give my ancient friend Iain a call, see if I might stay with him and Rachel in Hayes, then go with him to the demo. (We go way back to my 1st year at Warwick, which is, bloody hell, 17 years ago now. Yeeee. In a couple of years time, most of the new 1st years won't have been born when I started Uni. Anyway, he's one of the few people I've stayed in contact with all that time. We've had our differences politically, he's pretty much a Blairite, but the worm turned over Iraq, and he now runs the Hayes Stop the War group.) But it turned out Iain had recently turned his ankle, and couldn't go to the march. So, as I hadn't seen him and Rachel for a while, decided to stop round Sunday morning and afternoon instead. Went to Iain's local Methodist church, pub lunch, watched Angel and Firefly, talked politics and played 1830 on the computer. And drank lots. Good weekend all in all.

In other news, I have joined the University choir, the UWE Singers. Went on Tuesday evening, having missed the first two weeks for one reason or another. (respectively stupidity and a meeting addressed by 'Women to Women for Peace', a group of four Israeli and four Palestinian women doing a tour, who were speaking right in my 'hood.) We are doing Bernstein's Chichester Psalms and someone or another's Rio Grande. I am a little bit apprehensive about being able to learn it all - only been in a choir once before, the Hackney Singers, for a couple of years. I would say I am not much more than minimally competent for a non-audition choir such as this. My sight-singing skills are - well, let's just say they'd be better described as 'stare at it hard for several seconds and I might just get it singing' skills. But it's taken at a slow pace, going over parts and then putting them together and suchlike, and hopefully I'll get a reasonable amount of home practice in. I'm a reasonably good memoriser, too.

Well, that's about all from me for now. Better get back to the quite-fascinating-but-at-times-intensely-annoying book I'm reading to review.

Busy day

Sep. 30th, 2004 11:28 pm
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Term has started this week. Big load of teaching. I was doing the introductory maths & stats for the MA Economics students, which was 14 hours crammed into two days, Tuesday and today. And I've had a cold, which hasn't helped. Then after the teaching today, I was off almost straight after to give a talk at a local Churches Together meeting about my time in Palestine, alongside two MPs, Valerie Davey (Lab, Bristol West), and Colin Breed (Lib Dem, Cornwall SE). Went pretty well. Good turnout. I ought to be utterly exhausted, but for some reason am feeling surprisingly awake.

In other news, I am now Angel. Or at least, I am [ profile] angel_eod in the [ profile] _end_of_days post-Not-Fade-Away LJ RPG. [ profile] mara_sho talked me into it. I am sure I shall regret this. *g* Nah, 'twill be fun! Just beginning to get slightly concerned about the number of balls I've got in the air at the moment...
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Angel that is.

So who else has seen it? )

Ah, well. We will always have fanfic.


May. 22nd, 2004 01:40 am
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Icon courtesy of [ profile] mara_sho

Dear me, not been updating for a while. Been a bit tired and bleah, and when not, have actually beenmoderately busy some of the time.

I am rather pissed off at the moment. I thought I had downloaded the last episode of Angel, it took ages more than it said it was going to, and now it appears I only have one third of it. It was not from my usual 'dealer', who seems to have gone AWOL from the chatroom. I am trying to get back in to download a different format, but currently the FTP is at its user limit. Most annoying. At this rate it'll be on Sky before I get it. Bah.

At least I am getting on with my ADP assignments a reasonable amount. The questionnaire response for my research project has been dire, and it's going to be a bit of a dog's breakfast, but it is a sort of pilot study, and I'm sure if I'm sufficiently reflective I will pass. They really don't want to fail people unless they have to, as then they have to go through it all again as well. This is what I keep telling myself at any rate.

Roger, Chandra and Daniel (aged 18 months) were in Bristol earlier this week, so spent a fair bit of time with them, which was nice. We went round the SS Great Britain on Monday, which I'd not seen yet since coming to Bristol. They didn't see my flat though; they were going to come round on Tuesday evening, but Daniel threw up rather violently (I'm told), so we went back to their hotel. (He was fine afterwards). But we did play an interesting new boardgame, called Attika, that they'd just bought from a new shop in Bristol I wasn't aware existed.

Meh. Bloody FTP still not letting me in. I think I shall give up and go to bed, try again tomorrow. After all, it's prime time Stateside atm. Maybe try again at getting Bit Torrentz working. Ah, well. Patience is a virtue. (I lack).


Feb. 21st, 2004 01:30 am
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It is 1.30am. Tomorrow I am going to [ profile] fluffymark and [ profile] the_alchemist's Peter Pan readthrough. I will need to get up at about 10.15 to get there in good time.

I have been trying to get onto a more sensible sleep cycle. This will improve my work and my general lifestyle and ability to get all sorts of things done no end. Things are getting better. I have even managed to get to bed before 2am a couple of times this week.

However, the latest episode of Angel is downloading. It will finish downloading at around 4am. If I then watch it, it will be 4.42ish, and I probably won't have lights out till 5am. I will be dead tired for the readthrough and party, and it will probably put me back on a funny cycle and I will get not much done next week.

Where are you, Resolve?

Listen, moron. Go to bed. Get up a bit earlier. Watch Angel before you go. Don't be a complete idiot.

Oh, all right.



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